Property Managers and Brokers

Managing a portfolio is challenging but we work with you as consultants and advisors to go beyond simple waste removal.

We care about your customers, and understand the demands on Portland property managers to keep trash and recycling running smooth, hassle free, and on budget. Weather you manage one property, 200, or are a trash broker we think about your trash and recycling in Portland, so you don’t have to. 

ONE REPRESENTATIVE: A single point of contact for all your properties that lives works and plays in Portland.  We understand the demands on you and the intricacies of property management in Portland.  

TRASH BROKERS: You work away from Portland and need a company that understands your business and helps you win bids. We can help you by performing site visits and audits and then give the best pricing possible. Send us an RFP or call today!Save money:  Receive discounts for multiple properties.  We already have the most competitive pricing in Portland but if you have multiple properties with us we can save you even more money. We offer all inclusive pricing and never have hidden fees.

RECYCLE OPTIONS:  We provide practical solutions for reducing waste, including full food compost service and training. Recycling in Portland is important to your tenants and clients and we can help you determine how to incorporate it effectively in any location. 

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: We work closely with your on-site staff.  Your account manager will give you and your on-site staff their cell phone and email addresses and is able to react to issues on-site quickly. 

7 DAYS A WEEK:  We haul Portland’s trash every day of the week and we take compost and recycling 7 days a week too. 

NEW PROSPECTS:  We are experts at waste stream analysis and consultation.  We work closely with new properties, architects, and designers to make sure your property is able to efficiently remove its waste.  We help you get what you need the first time.   

LARGE ITEMS:  We pickup all types of bulky items including mattresses, couches, furniture, and e-waste.   One call is all it takes. 

We track your sustainability efforts so you can be competitive and ensure your property owners their locations are kept clean and green.  We can provide a sustainability report to pass on to your property owners and include example reports in your bids for new clients.  

Green or LEED Certification

We work alongside project managers, developers and architects to attain new construction LEED certification in Portland with our program Recycle 360 but we also offer this service to property managers and building owners in Portland. 


Through Recycle 360 we can track your diversion rates and help you gain LEED Certification for your existing building operations and maintenance.

Recycle 360 is a dynamic solution for tracking your waste and recycling efforts.  From developing a waste management plan, to monitoring progress towards your waste diversion goals, we do it all for you.