Waste Services for Portland Businesses

No matter what your business needs, we can help.

We are experienced in every application of traditional trash dumpster and roll cart services. If it’s garbage, recycling, or compost in Portland, we’ll take care of it. We have every size trash and recycling dumpster available and 50 years of experience in Portland to advise your waste management needs.  We haul garbage and recycling 7 days a week throughout Portland. 

Like being green?  We do too! We pickup compost and commingled recycling in Portland, which you may also know as TPP, (tin, paper, plastic), or single stream recycling.  We are happy to help train your employees so your waste management program runs efficiently.   We offer baled cardboard and baled plastics pickup on a regular schedule to meet your needs.  

 For larger volume accounts we offer roll off services for any waste stream. We are Oregon's premier compactor/baler sales, installation, and service company.  Our experienced technicians service our compactors throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. 

To help you make an informed decision please see our examples of some of the equipment you may need.    

Available sizes for dumpster services. (From Left: 1yd, 2yd, 3yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd, 4.5yd cage)

Available roll cart sizes. (From Left: 20g trash/recycle, 35g trash/recycle, 35g compost, 65g compost, 65g trash/recycle, 90g trash/recycle)

Drop box and roll-off compactor services are a great way for you to save money, increase efficiency and promote sustainability. Whether you need occasional hauls or several times a day we have the experience, dependability, and right equipment to keep you on schedule and on budget.

We offer drop boxes in all sizes throughout Portland.  -Ranging from 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards.    

Driver Chad S. Delivers a 20 yard Roll off box. 

We accept loads including trash, wood, metal, cardboard, general construction and demolition debris, plastic, yard waste, drywall, concrete, special waste, asbestos, and more.  We make every effort to partner with local Portland recyclers. We know that keeping jobs and resources here locally in Portland is important.

Not sure on a size for your project or location?  One of our friendly drop box representatives is available to meet you on site to review the best fit for your space no matter where it is in Portland. If your project is seeking LEED certification or just keeping track of your sustainability efforts we've developed a special software program, Recycle 360 to help.  Recycle 360 is a program that conveniently keeps track of your waste management plan and diversion efforts.  You can be assured your waste material is recycled to the fullest extent possible according to your waste management plan, Recycle 360 is updated in real time throughout the project.