Caring for today and planning for tomorrow

We are always looking for opportunities to protect our planet for future generations. From composting programs, mixed recycling containers, and LEED certification programs we focus on green and sustainable lives and business practices.  Our garbage trucks even run on B20 biodiesel and are fitted  with modified exhausts that reduce carbon emissions.  We pride ourselves in our relationships with forward thinking Portland companies such as New Seasons Market and  Fred Meyer Stores which both participate in many of our sustainable programs.  Sustainable business practices can be confusing but we are here to help.  As participants in the Portland curbside recycling and composting programs we are efficient in providing these options for your business and can help you develop, implement, and monitor a waste management plan. 

Arrow Sanitary is proud to be a vital part of Portland’s city sanitary services.   We are happy to sponsor and provide sustainability efforts for many local events around Portland including the Bridge Pedal and Bite of Portland!  One of our goals in these partnerships is to help educate participants on recycling and composting.  We provide events with diversion and sustainability reports and work hard to increase recycling and composting each year. 

We are proud to have certified Master Recyclers on staff who can assist with any of your questions on Portland disposal and recycling.  Many of your questions can also be answered through Metro, our local governing body on sustainability.