Waste Services

Portland garbage services can be confusing, but we are here to help.

Portland Garbage collection is an involved process, so take some time to read through this page to learn how you can help us collect your trash and recycling. 

Portland Curbside Collection E-Schedule: Click Here

City of Gresham Residential Garbage & Recycling: Click Here

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Metro: Click Here

  • Please place your carts by the curb by 6:00am or the night before.
  • Place your carts within 3 feet of the curb and leave 3 feet of clearance on both sides.
  • Identify the can, carts, and bin with your address or house number on the front of each container.
  • Please make sure the lid of the can is completely shut and the rubbish is level across the top of the can.Overweight cans/carts will not be dumped. Please be aware of the following weight limits:
      • 20 gallon – 50lbs
      • 35 gallon – 75 lbs
      • 60 gallon – 105 lbs
      • 90 gallon – 145 lbs
  • No rocks, dirt, sod, combustible material, or liquid waste is allowed. Securely bag loose and dusty materials such ashes, kitty litter, sawdust, animal waste, and packing peanuts before placing in garbage can.
  • Televisions, monitors, and computers are no longer accepted as trash. Please call our office for recycling options.
  • Contents must fall freely from the can.
  • Overfilled cans or extra bags or boxes will be assessed an extra charge of $5.00 per bag.
  • Please call and report misses within two business days.  Once we are aware of the problem we can make sure you are properly serviced.  
  • Please notify us of an address change, service change, or termination of service.   Charges will continue to accrue unless we are notified of a change.
  • The only holidays our drivers do not work are Christmas Day and New Years Day.  If your pick up day during these holiday weeks falls on or after one of the holidays, and the holiday falls on a business day, you will be serviced the following day.
  • Vacation credit is given if you are gone for two weeks or more. Please call before leaving to let us know.  Unfortunately credits cannot not be given without advance notice.
  • Recycle carts, yard debris carts, trash carts, and glass recycling bins remain the property of the hauler and are to be left at the residence when a customer moves.  Missing carts may be charged a replacement fee of $50.00.
  • There will be a $25.00 handling charge on all non-sufficient funds checks.
  • Bills not paid within 30 days of the due date will be subject to service suspension, late fees, (1.5% of balance due –minimum of $1.00), and reinstatement fees of $10.00 and your account may be subject to a 2-month advance deposit.
  • Once you receive your first statement, please feel free to take advantage of the online bill pay option located on our website. Account number and Invoice number will be needed to open an online account.
  • Our office is located at 12820 NE Marx St in Northeast Portland.  Marx Street is between Sandy Blvd and Airport Way, off of 122nd Ave.   Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

Recycling and Food Waste Guidelines

Being good stewards of our resources is what helps make Portland such a great city.   Here are some helpful tips to ensure your efforts in recycling are maximized:

Your recycling roll cart:

    • Be sure to leave 3’ clearance on both sides of your cart. 
    • Plastic bags are not allowed in the recycle cart.  They tie up the machinery and cause safety hazards for our handlers. 
    • Place newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and phone books loose in cart.
    • Please flatten boxes and put small boxes & brown paper bags loose in cart.  Cardboard should be no larger than 3’ X 3’ wide.
    • Do not put food contaminated paper, tissue paper, paper towels, napkins, or paper coated with wax, foil or plastic (except milk & juice cartons and drink boxes), into the recycling. 
    •  Place shredded paper in a paper bag to prevent litter.
    • Rinse out milk jugs,  juice cartons and drink boxes.  No straws please.
    • Metal Cans: (steel & aluminum) - Rinse clean and put in cart. No need to remove ends or paper label, but flattening cans helps save space on the truck.
    • Aerosol Cans: Empty cans through normal use, discard plastic caps, and put cans in cart. Don’t flatten, puncture or remove nozzle.
    • Scrap Metal: Include all metal which is smaller than 30” long and less than 40 lbs.
    • Plastic Bottles: Include bottles with necks smaller than the base or with screw tops. Discard lids, caps, and pumps.  Rinse bottles, and put in cart.  No motor oil, pesticide & other hazardous material bottles. No plastic bags or toys.
    • Plastic Tubs, Nursery Pots & Buckets: Tubs include those used for margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese and salsa. Rinse clean and put in cart.
    • Do not place glass recyclables in your cart.  Please see the bin option for glass.  

Your glass bin:

    • Place glass bottles and jars into the provided glass bin. Remove lids and rinse clean.
    • Items left next to recycle bin and cart. [Motor Oil:  Recycle in a see-through, unbreakable container, (no larger than two gallons),with a screw top lid.]
    • Metro accepts household hazardous waste at no charge.  Please call 503-234-3000 for details.

Food waste and yard debris cart information and instructions

    • Yard debris and food scraps are picked up weekly
    • Set out your roll cart for pickup every week – even if it's not full
    • Weight limit is 100 lbs
    • Do not pack tightly – contents must fall freely from the roll cart
    • Remove empty containers from curb within 24 hours

Green compost bin:

YES - Put these items in your green compost bin

    • Food scraps
    • meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, bones
    • eggs and eggshells, cheese, dairy products
    • bread, baked goods, pasta, rice, beans, nuts, seeds
    • coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
    • vegetables and fruit
    • paper napkins and paper towels
    • pizza delivery boxes
    • table scraps, plate scrapings, leftovers
    • Yard debris
    • weeds, leaves, vines, grass
    • small branches (less than 4 in thick and 36 in long)
    • flowers
    • house plants
    • plant clippings
    • pumpkins  

NO – keep these items out of your compost roll cart

    • plastic and produce bags
    • non-approved compostable plastic bags
    • compostable plastic takeout containers and utensils
    • paper plates, cups and cartons
    • coffee cups
    • fast food wrappers, packaging, takeout containers and waxed paper
    • facial tissue
    • pet waste
    • large amounts of grease, cooking oil and liquid
    • fireplace ashes
    • Styrofoam™, metal and glass
    • corks
    • Even if a plastic product says “compostable,” please leave it out