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Service Alert

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Re: China Recycling Ban Impact on Commercial Rates  9/29/2017

Dear Valued Customer,

I’m writing you today because the Chinese ban on the import of recycled materials is impacting your business. Over the last several months you may have seen multiple news outlets reporting China’s proposed ban on importing certain recycled materials (If you have not, please take a moment to Google: China Recycling Ban). These materials include mixed paper and certain plastics which are commonly recycled by you and other residents and businesses across the United States in your commingle recycle containers. China is by far the largest purchaser of recycled material in the world, so when they decide they will no longer be purchasing recycled goods it has a worldwide impact on the market. When news of this ban broke we knew there would be a far-reaching impact on our industry and the customers we serve.

The first effects of that ban began to occur already last month with dramatic pricing increases at recycling facilities (MRF’s) across the country and here in Portland. What this means to us as the hauler of your recycling is that the price we pay to dispose of your recycling materials today is more than 15 times higher than it was last month. As you can imagine, that is not something that our business is able to absorb. Just as the MRF’s immediately adjusted, we also need to take immediate action.

Effective immediately, we are offsetting this increase in disposal rates with a rate adjustment that will be reflected on your September bill. The rate adjustment will be based on the monthly volume of your recycling service (yards or gallons) and will be as limited as possible. Our goal is to offset the increase in prices, not profit from it. We will continue to monitor the market and adjust as necessary. Please refer to your monthly statement for updates and continued messaging concerning this Recycling Market Rate Adjustment.

Arrow Sanitary Service is proud to be your trash and recycling services partner. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and cost-effective waste removal services in the Portland market while adhering to our company values of Safety, Integrity and Customer Service. Please see the reverse of this letter for a list of Frequently Asked Questions and don’t hesitate to call our Customer Service line at 503-257-3993 if you have any further questions.

Please see the following links to find out more information on the China Recycling ban.